conTeyor Fitbox System

conTeyor’s Fitbox system is smart & flexible

Main features of the Fitbox System

 Standard / Customized pocket size

  Highest possible packaging density & excellent accessibility

  Textile is thin and conforms to any part with minimum volume when folded

  Will fit different variation and right and left handed parts

  Top loading parts create increased nesting opportunities

  Components are supported on the bottom

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About conTeyor

conTeyor is an international player in the development and supply of reusable packaging solutions for delicate manufacturing parts. The organization has been developing and producing patented sustainable solutions in textiles, plastic and steel since 1995. The company serves customers in a variety of sectors with a focus on the automotive sector. conTeyor offers innovative and high-quality products with the main objective of finding sustainable solutions for its customers. conTeyor is present in 34 countries across Europe, the United States and South America. The production locations are located on the same continents to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible.

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